How much does the heat press cost?

The heat press that Print Fundraising offers costs $2,250.00 + shipping (typically $175.00).

Are there any subscription fees or dues?

There are no fees or dues associated with Print Fundraising. You only pay for the equipment and products you purchase.

What type of products can I print?

T-shirts (adult unisex, ladies, and youth sizes), sweatshirts, sweatpants, towels, and even some bags are available for you to decorate.

Pressing / Printing Products

How much experience is required to print garments?

No prior product decoration experience is necessary to be able to master the screenprint transfer process.

How difficult is it to align shirts and transfers on a press?

It is not difficult to align both shirts and designs on a heat press. Rulers or right angle tools may be used to align transfers on the press, and typically the paper itself is a good indicator of how straight the transfer is. Only multiple-X shirts can be difficult to align, but with just a little practice even those are no problem.

How long will the heat press last?

Your press will last for tens of thousands of presses. The heating element itself has a lifetime warranty, the framework a five year warranty, the circuit board a two year warranty, and there is a one year parts and labor warranty.

What maintenance does the heat press require?

None! Heat presses are simple and durable machines.

What are the power requirements for a heat press?

Our heat press plugs into a typical 110 volt, 3-prong outlet and uses 14.5 amps of electricity.


What are the requirements for artwork to be print-ready?

Screen printing requires vector or high resolution bitmap images.

Will you help me with creating my design?

No, however we do provide artwork templates and design tools including our Online Product Design Tool.

What tools are available for creating a design?

Our Online Product Design Tool and design templates make creating a design a breeze.

Can I request a proof before printing?

Yes, for no additional fee you are able to see what your finished product will look like.


Where do I order products?

You must be signed up with Print Fundraising in order to view our product pricing. Once you are signed up, you may order transfers at transfers.printphase.com and apparel at store.printphase.com. 

What does an average t-shirt cost?

A good/value shirt costs approximately $2.25. A better/soft t-shirt costd around $3.50. The best/premium shirts cost around $5.00. 

How is the transfer price determined?

The transfer price is determined based on the total number of transfer prints, the size of the transfer, and the number of colors in the design.

What is the turnaround time for transfers?

If your order is placed by 12 PM EST, then it will take 1 business day plus 1 day for each color in the artwork. This assumes that the artwork is print-ready (a vector or high resolution bitmap image). If your artwork was prepared from our templates, then it is print-ready. If your artwork needs to be modified or converted, then it takes an extra 1-2 business days to ship. Additionally, we  charge an artwork fee ($25.00 for simple, or $50.00 for more complex). We do provide you with a free proof of your artwork, and you will own the finished artwork files.

Is there a minimum order for custom transfers?

The minimum number of transfers required for an order is 12.

What garment brands are available?

Gildan, Port & Company, District, and Sport Tek.

What is the turnaround time for blank products?

1-5 business days for orders submitted by 12 PM EST. Our supplier has eight warehouses strategically placed across the country.

Can you guarantee that the products I ordered will be available?

No, unfortunately we cannot. In the event that you order a product that is unavailable, we provide you with alternatives to choose from or refund the order. However, we work with all major suppliers, and therefore do our best to get you the product that you want.

Do I have to order my blank products from you?

No, you do not. However, we do reccomend it. The products we provide are what our transfers are designed to be printed onto, and we doubt you find a much better price. However, we are more than willing to just print your transfers if you already have blank products.

Can I order any other kinds of products?

Yes! We offer wholesale pricing on a wide range of other decorated products that we print ourselves. These include full-color printing (shirts and other garments), embroidery (hats, polos, and bags), wide format printing (graduation banners, posters, and wall clings), and sublimation printing (mugs, plaques, and photo panels).