Start Your Own Custom Apparel Printing Business for Just $2,250!

We Supply All Of The Equipment, Tools, and Industry Knowlege You Need to Start & Run a Successful T-Shirt Printing Business!

Buy the #1 Selling Heat Press in America for $2,250

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Running Your Own Apparel Printing Business Is as Easy AS:

Running Your Own Apparel Printing Business Is as Easy As:

1. Startup Kit

2. Make a Sale

3. Buy Supplies

4. Print & Profit

Once you have a heat press, you can order custom Screenprint Heat Transfers and Blank Apparel to print your orders!

Once you have a heat press, you can order custom Screenprint Heat Transfers and Blank Apparel to print your orders!

Custom Screen Print Transfers
Wholesale Blank Apparel

The Advantages of Using Screen Print Transfers Over Direct Screen Printing

The Advantages of Using Screen Print Transfers Over Direct Screen Printing

How Our Turn-Key Opportunity Works

1. Buy Our Startup Kit: Everything You Need to Start a Successful T-Shirt Printing Business

2. Learn About the Decoration Industry & How to Print Apparel Using Heat Press Transfers

3. Launch New Business: Market Retail Products or Custom Decoration Services

4. Make a Sale & Order Supplies (Blank Apparel + Screenprint Transfers)

5. Print Orders: Press Heat Transfers onto Blank Products

6. Experience Success and Have Complete Control of Your Future through Entrepreneurship

What's Included in Our Startup Package:

Hotronix Fusion Heat Press


- American-made with a strong warranty

- Easy to operate and guaranteed to last

- Requires no regular maintenance

Heat Press Tools & Supplies


- All of the heat pressing tools you will ever need

- Includes sample transfers for testing

- Alignment tools, kraft paper & Much more

Sample Apparel Products


- Grommeted with color, sizing, & other info

- A great tool for creating your product line

- Helps close sales when meeting with clients

Decoration Business Guide


- Learn the ins and outs of the decoration industry

- Information on how to manage & market a decoration business

- Improve your chances at success by getting to know the industry

Entrepreneurship Guide


- Learn the basics of starting a small business

- A perfect learning tool for those who are new to entrepreneurship

- Fun & Easy to read allowing you tolearn at your own pace

10 Hours of 1 on 1 Support


- Work with an expert to ensure your business is successful

- Avoid costly mistakes and get answers fast

- Ask us anything about your business or the decoration industry

Don't Miss Out on Our Limited-Time Sale!  

+ $225 Shipping for all Equipment & Supplies

An Overview of Our Turn-Key Business Opportunity

An Overview of Our Turn-Key Business Opportunity

The Problem

Many people want to start their own business, but they don’t know where to start or what to sell, and the financial and personal risk of starting a new venture from scratch can be very intimidating. 

Our Solution

We at Print Phase offer a turnkey business opportunity in an industry that is currently, and will continue, growing.  The decoration industry remains relevant despite any ups or downs in the economy.

Our business opportunity is easy to understand and implement, as we do everything we can to put our clients in a position to be successful and reach their potential.  

Our industry already has a low barrier to entry, and our business opportunity has a small learning curve while still offering many different revenue routes.

What We Offer

We offer a turnkey business opportunity in which we provide our clients with all of the equipment, tools, supplies, and knowledge it takes to run a successful t-shirt decoration business.

We teach our clients how to start their very own apparel decoration businesses in which they can print for local businesses, schools, organizations, or themselves.

Our Startup Kit includes a top-of-the-line heat press, sample apparel products, printing supplies, marketing tools, in-depth business guides, and hours of 1-on-1 support.

How Our Opportunity Works

Our opportunity is quite simple.  We sell the highest quality heat press to our clients and teach them not only how to use the equipment, but also about the decoration industry and how to sell their products and services. 

We also sell custom screenprint heat transfers to our clients, which ship within one day + a day for each color in the design.  So, a 2-color design will ship within 3 days, a 3-color design will ship within 4 days, and so on.  Our clients then just have to heat press the design onto products to fulfill customer orders, and voila!  The order is complete.  It really is that easy.  

For example, let's say one of our clients receives an order for 50 custom-printed t-shirts.  Each t-shirt costs $2 and each screenprint transfer costs $1.75, meaning our client has $3.75 in cost for every shirt in that order.

If you were to charge just $7 per t-shirt for that order, you would be netting a profit of $3.25 per shirt and $162.50 for the order!  A seasoned heat press operator could press 50 shirts in less than an hour, meaning that not only can you make a great margin with screenprint transfers, but you can do it quickly.

Screenprint transfers are not a new decoration method, but improvements in technology over the years have allowed screenprint transfers to catch up to the industry standard: direct screen printing.  

Screenprint transfers even have some advantages over direct screen printing, including the ability to print-on-demand and not having to hold printed inventory that may or may not sell.  In fact, screenprint transfers are quickly becoming one of the most popular ways to decorate a wide range of apparel and accessory products.  

Why Work With Us?

We believe in our business opportunity and believe it will help you to succeed.  Our equipment, blank products, and screenprint transfers are not only high-quality, but they are competitively-priced as well.  

In addition to the quality supplies and products we provide, it is our goal to provide excellent customer support.  We have many different teaching materials that can answer almost any question you might have about the decoration industry, entrepreneurship, and more.  

But, if you cannot find the answer you are looking for, or if you need help mastering the business, we also provide excellent support for our clients.  As the primary supplier for our clients, it is in our best interest to help them maximize their potential.

Who Is an Ideal Partner

One of the best parts about our business opportunity is that it can work for so many different people and organizations.  

Schools, businesses, and organizations that want to insource their own branded and custom apparel and other products can save a lot of money on their production costs by printing them in-house.  

Artists and entrepreneurs also make excellent partners, as they can use our business opportunity to expand their personal brands through high-quality printed artwork.  

The Decoration Industry offers many different ways to make money selling retail (pre-decorated) products or custom decoration services.  With the right training and the best supplies, almost anyone can create a successful product decoration business by partnering with Print Phase. 

Learn More About the Fusion IQ Heat Press

The Stahls' Hotronix Fusion Heat Press is the industry's first press equipped with touch screen technology and the only heat press with a patented dual function.  This advanced innovation provides you with the benefits of both swing-away and drawer-style heat presses.

- Patented dual function: operates as a swing or drawer press

- Touch screen technology lets you easily set time, temperature, and pressure

- Unlimited preset programs to save different variable settings

- Live digital time, temperature, and pressure readout

- Threadability™ makes it easy to load garments onto the lower platen and print their front, back, and sides

- Comes with a 16" x 20" bottom platen with the ability to use smaller print platens, ideal for printing tough-to-print products like bags and sleeves.